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all these thoughts are overrated

As soon as the rain stops, I'm going to make an example of you.

Is headlining a tour with a more engaged audience going to be something new and a little strange to you? You did say most fans didn’t quite get Failure back in the day.

The weirdness already happened, man. It’s crazy. The whole audience is singing every word, like, the whole time. I mean, this did not happen back in the day. The reunion show in LA was just totally unreal. And the sensitivity to the material in terms of the crowd singing—when we’d go into a quiet part, the audience would sing just as quietly and then get louder in the loud parts. Our audience, at least at that show, they’re like, good singers.

Taken from a recent interview with Ken Andrews about FAILURE. I was t at that El Rey show, and I have to say it was such a cool feeling to hear everyone singing. Blank was probably the most memorable song in regards to people singing with it, for me. It was pretty beautiful, not to sound like a hippie or anything. :D

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